I have been teaching guitar to children, teens and adults in New York City since 2000. I absolutely love all things guitar, and I try to convey that passion to all my students whether they are absolute beginners or super-advanced jazz wizards.

I have designed a creative curriculum for guitar learning, focusing on songwriting and improvisation while still conveying the fundamentals of technique and musicality. It’s my goal to strike a balance between disciplined study and fun - this is the guitar we’re talking about: it’s gotta be fun.

In addition to teaching private lessons, I also coach rock bands for children and teens with Come Join The Band and the Park Slope Rock School. I taught music to children with developmental disabilities at the Hawthorne Country Day School from 2006 to 2015. I have a degree in music from the University of Rochester, where I studied music theory, history, and jazz performance.

I’m also an active composer and performer; I play frequently in New York and have released several albums of his music.


How do lessons for children work?

I teach guitar lessons on a weekly basis. At each lesson, we set up a plan for what songs, exercises or musical activities your child will be playing throughout the week. I strongly encourage parents to take an active roll in the daily practice sessions. We are a team - it’s my job to present interesting, engaging material to learn; it’s the parent’s job to structure a child’s day to include music practice, and to provide encouragement through the difficult beginning stages; and it’s the student’s job to be willing to put the time and energy into showing up for guitar practice!

Where do you teach?

I teach children and teens at your apartment. Adults, I teach at either your apartment or my Brooklyn studio.

What do I need to get started?

Definitely a guitar! Either acoustic or electric is OK. If you’re considering starting lessons, please feel free to email me for advice about what to get and where to get it. You’ll also need a notebook, and possibly a music stand and a metronome (or metronome app). I like to listen to music during lessons, so if you have a stereo or computer speakers, that’s great!

What are your rates?

Please email me for more information.

Payment and Cancellation

After we’ve done a few lessons, I bill for weekly lessons once a month, at the beginning of the month in advance. I accept cash, checks, PayPal and Chase QuickPay. My cancellation policy is that you will be charged for lessons cancelled within 24 hours. I try to be flexible about occasional rescheduling.


- Adam Caine is a superb teacher! My son's first teacher moved away and and set a high bar. My worry was unfounded. We're so happy to have Adam in our life. He's calm, funny and inspiring for our now ten year-old. There's a race with kids and guitar: they have to get good enough before they get bored and quit. I have no doubt that with Adam we're winning.

- Adam taught our son bass guitar from scratch. The progress that he made over a short period of time was mind blowing. Adam’s calm demeanor and extraordinary patience are second to none! He inspires our son to learn new things and has introduced him to many different styles of music. He has encouraged him to develop his own style, to improvise, to feel comfortable playing alone and also with his fellow band members. Adam is consistent, punctual, passionate and enthusiastic about what he does and has become a wonderful mentor and role model for our son. It’s always a joy to hear them jamming together!

- Adam is patient and kind with his students while encouraging them to learn new skills. He combines years of experience and expertise with child centered learning. I feel that Adam really listens to my son, recognizes his strengths and areas for improvement, and makes learning fun.

- Adam has been working with my son Zachary for almost a year now, and I must say that he has learned so much and shown so much improvement during this time. Adam is very patient with kids and very focused. In my opinion, his strength is that he can teach my son at his level but without treating him like he's a kid. I think it’s a brilliant style of teaching because Zachary feels motivated, has a great sense of accomplishment and most importantly, he's always looking forward to his next lesson. I would 100% recommend Adam for your child too!